best Ways To Apply Face Powder / Types Of Face Powder Can Improve Your Business.


A makeup routine without face powder as the finishing touch definitely leaves something to be desired.  Face powder gives life and dimension to your appearance by reducing pore visibility, preventing makeup runoff, increasing foundation lifespan, and conquering oily and sticky-looking skin. Makeup artists agree that face powder is an indispensable finishing touch for any makeup routine, so don’t skip it.

Types of Face Powder

Loose Powder

Leaves the skin with a refined texture and soft glow. If you desire a more natural finish, use a makeup brush or the puff that comes with the product.

Pressed Powder

Convenient for doing touch-ups when you’re out and about.

Sheer Type vs Matte Type

Match the powder type with the look that strikes your fancy.


Creates a hydrated, youthful glow without the hassle of unwanted shine.


For a finely textured, porcelain finish.

How to Apply Face Powder

Before you start

To prevent powder from sticking too thickly to your skin, first make sure that foundation and concealer are applied evenly and not heavily. Got oily skin or conspicuous pores?

The Powder Puff

  1. Lightly apply powder to your face, but be careful not to smudge the foundation you put on beforehand. Now, apply with a gradually increasing firmness.
  2. For smaller or narrow areas (around the eyes or nose) fold the puff in half and gingerly apply powder.
  3. Finally, you want to make sure you’ve used the perfect amount of powder. A quick tip: feel your cheek with the back of your hand. Does it feel smooth and dry? Then, you’re all set. Now, dust off any excess with your puff or finishing brush.

The Powder Brush

  1. A larger-sized brush is best for applying face powder.
  2. Place a generous amount of face powder on your brush, tapping off any excess powder. Start applying powder from the front of the face where you want makeup to last longer, like the cheeks, forehead, and around the nose. Spread the powder back towards the outer edges of your face. Carefully adhere the brush close to the skin for an impeccable final touch.

For Dry Skin:

After you’ve spread your foundation evenly, apply powder. Be sure to powder lightly in dry areas, taking care around the eyes. Finally, brush off any excess powder.

For Oily Skin:

Layer on extra powder wherever your skin tends to get oily, especially at your T-zone.


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