10 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In What Celebr With Perfect Bodies Do Every Day.


Maybe you did the Farrah Fawcett waves in the 1970s, the punk rock mohawk in the 1980s, and the crimped perm in the 1990s. But chances are, after those disastrously trendy ‘dos, you’ve settled into a hairstyle that works for you.  After all, there’s nothing like a new look to give you some added confidence.

1Tousled layers

jennifer aniston women’s hairstyles

“The Rachel” first debuted over two decades ago. But it has since been transformed into a 21st century look, proving that it’s truly timeless.

Famous women from Rachel McAdams to Jennifer Aniston herself have effortlessly updated the Friends character’s casual, tousled layers. And it’s still working after all these years.

2Blunt bangs

Naomi Campbell women’s hairstyles

Blunt bangs have been the style of choice among celebrities for decades. First it was Cher in the 1970s and then it was Naomi Campbell, who you can see here still rocking her original look from the ’90s.

No matter where you’re headed, bangs will keep you looking chic and put-together. Hey, it’s worked for Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour all this time, right?

3The choppy bob

cameron diaz women’s hairstyles

This Cameron Diaz-approved hairstyle is perfect for those with thinner hair. A choppy bob with a deep side part will create the illusion that you have more volume—and yes, more hair—than you truly do.



4Face-framing waves

Kate Middleton women’s hairstyles

Face-framing waves are suitable for every face shape, from rectangle to oval, according to The Trend Spotter. To pull off this look, approach it in the same way Kate Middleton does—just work with your natural texture. It’s as easy as that!


5Corkscrew curls

Beyonce timeless curly hair
When you embrace the hair you have, it’s easy to look chic and timeless. Take Beyonce’s voluminous corkscrew curls, for example. Why straighten your hair when you can look this good going au natural?


6The messy pixie

Halle Berry pixie cut women’s hairstyles

Stars like Angela Bassett, Halle Berry (pictured here), and Michelle Williams sport this classic hairstyle. Not only does this cut both complement and accentuate your features, it’s the perfect low-maintenance look for women with busy mornings.



7Sleek and straight

Sandra bullock women’s hairstyles

Inspired in part by the likes of Ali McGraw in the 1970s, a sleek and straight hairstyle will instantly make you look more polished. Here’s Sandra Bullock mastering it.




8Middle-parted waves

Sarah Jessica Parker middle-parted waves women’s hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker has had many ‘dos over the years, but as of late, she’s stuck with the middle-parted waves. She uses her natural texture to create volume with this look that works for those with stronger jawlines and angular facial features.



9Mid-length and natural

Solange Knowles natural hair women’s hairstyles

Black women have recently been donning their natural locks, which has truly been a game changer. According to Stylecaster, the best way to keep an afro looking timeless is to style it relatively simply—like Solange Knowles, who wears hers around mid-length.



10Side-swept bangs

reese witherspoon women’s hairstyles

Actress Reese Witherspoon still exudes a youthful charm with her classic side-swept hairstyle. Matrix Salon suggests blow drying your hair until it’s just slightly damp, and then adding a volumizing product to lift your roots. Side-swept bangs will give your hair more oomph, without causing you to spend hours styling it every morning.


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