Understanding The Background Of What Celebr With Perfect Bodies Do Every Day.


“Well, if I had millions of dollars to afford trainers and nutritionists, I could look like that, too.” It’s a refrain you hear often—a repeated justification for why A-listers look like gods and goddesses and why we look like mere mortals. But get this: You don’t need a swole bank account to get swole. As Thor himself (Chris Hemsworth) told Men’s Health, “No amount of money makes someone else do the work for you. If you can’t afford a trainer, that’s fine. Use friends. Use anyone.”

With that in mind, we cobbled together 11 everyday tricks—lifted straight from the folks on the red carpet—that you can easily implement into your daily life. So get out there and get your best bod.

1Chris Hemsworth works in cardio between sets.
chris hemsworth celebrity workout tips
Hemsworth may play a literal deity on-screen, but that’s just because he looks like one IRL. But to achieve his godlike physique, Hemsworth has to keep his workouts more varied than simple lifting. “If I’m doing arm day, I’ll work in box jumps in between sets,” everyone’s favorite hammer- and axe-wielding star told Men’s Health. “By working in more cardio, you keep shocking your body and you prevent having problems in certain areas.”

2Cate Blanchett swears by pilates.
cate blanchett in white fur and a black dress looking more glamorous than anyone else on the planet

Cate Blanchett’s workout of choice is pilates. “I feel like it’s made for actor’s bodies,” the Thor: Ragnarok star told The Cut. This translate to her job, as well; before she goes on set, Blanchett makes sure to dedicate at least a few minutes for stretching before the cameras start rolling.

3Dwayne Johnson starts every morning with a lift.
Dwayne Johnson

Before you’re awake, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already squeezed in a two-hour workout. Every morning, at 4:00am, he wakes up to lift. In fact, to take it from a sprawling GQ profile, he has private gyms set up around the country so his intense travel schedule never interrupts his training regimen.

4Zac Efron intermittently fasts.
zac efron celebrity workout tips
To get and stay ripped enough for Baywatch, Zac Efron underwent a diet and exercise regimen designed by celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy. When one BuzzFeed staffer tried out the same routine, Murphy had him start intermittent fasting. Now, intermittent fasting doesn’t necessarily limit your caloric intake; it just means you can only eat in an 8-hour window during every 24 hour-period.

5Megan Fox avoids all carbs.
megan fox
As revealed by Business Insider, Megan Fox maintains her enviable post-pregnancy figure by eating egg whites, snacks on almonds and edamame, and drinks red smoothies—a mix of a berries, chai tea, protein powder, and almond milk. What she avoids: Carbohydrates, in any and every form. Hey, it works for her! But remember: not all carbs are evil. In fact, here are plenty that won’t derail your six-pack.

6Heidi Klum gets her eight hours—and more.
heidi klum celebrity workout tips
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Every doctor will tell you that eight hours is essential for living your best life. But supermodel Heidi Klum gets a whopping 10 each night. “I go to sleep pretty much when the children go to sleep,” she told People in 2011.

7Ryan Reynolds never skips the warmup.
Ryan Reynoldss celebrity workout tips

Before the dumbbell presses and deadlifts, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds undergoes a strict warmup routine—foam rollers, glute bridges, and other essential pre-lift stretching. Reynolds credits the new routine to the fact that he’s getting up there in years. “I never did stuff like that back in my 20s, but I’m that guy now,” he told Men’s Health. “I’m the guy doing calisthenics… I work out like a British person.”

8Gigi Hadid keeps a cheat day.
Gigi Hadid, supermodel, jet lag

In addition to her it’s-not-rocket-science regimen (a diet of healthy food, like tofu and green juice, and a daily workout routine that centers around boxing) Gigi Hadid is sure to dedicate one day per week to a cheat day. “[I] have a cheat day to stay sane,” she told PopSugar. As for what she wolfs down on cheat day? A cheeseburger and French fries.

9Kendall Jenner starts her day with a full breakfast.
kendall jenner celebrity workout tips
Hadid’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Kendall Jenner revealed in a blog post (as spotted by Look) that, yes, while she “loooves pasta,” it tires her out. Instead, she springs for a daily breakfast of eggs, avocado, and oatmeal to give her sustained, healthy energy throughout the day.

10Goldie Hawn gets moving every single day.

goldie hawn and kate hudson celebrity workout tips
Goldie Hawn (L) may be 71 (yes, really), but she maintains the vigor of someone far younger by making sure each and every day includes at least one workout. Hawn told People: “I’m a dancer, so I can’t stop moving.” So she hikes, bikes, runs—anything to get the blood moving.


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